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  • CarryLite Transit Chair

    CarryLite Transit Chair

    Designed for easy storage, the Evac+Chair CarryLite Transit Chair folds neatly in half and can be stored in the smallest of areas. The chair unfolds in one swift movement for immediate use.

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  • CMAX


    Increase your mobility the c-max helps you to overcome stairs comfortably, not only at home but everywhere else too.

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  • Evac+Chair 300H MK4

    Evac+Chair 300H MK4

    The standard model Evac+Chair featuring 182kg payload capacity and a blue textured finish with contrasting yellow hammock.

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  • TagEvac™

  • Evac+Chair 300 AMB

    Evac+Chair 300 AMB

    The Evac+Chair 300 AMB is a standard model Evac+Chair featuring larger heavy duty rear wheels

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    This stair climber is applicable on virtually all types of stairs, inside as well as outside.

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  • Evac+Chair 440

    Evac+Chair 440

    The Evac+Chair 440 is an enhanced Evac+Chair with an increased passenger payload capacity of 440lbs/200Kg and for use on steep stairs.

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  • SMAX


    The stair climber for your wheelchair... Powerful, safe, and comfortable - upstairs and downstairs

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  • Amazon Aviation

    Amazon Aviation

    The compact stair climber... Intelligent solution to intricate situations of transportation in confined spaces

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  • Evac+Chair 110

    Evac+Chair 110

    The perfect Evac+Chair for narrow evacuation. Offering a 150kg payload and yellow textured finish with contrasting blue hammock, ideal for care and educational buildings.

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  • IBEX Transeat

    IBEX Transeat

    IBEX TranSeat 700H safely descends and ascends stairs without carrying or heavy lifting.

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  • Evac+Chair 600H

    Evac+Chair 600H

    Featuring 2 extra handles that allow a two person operation for locations with difficult access, and a blue textured finish with contrasting yellow

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  • Air+Chair


    The Air+Chair is a specially designed on-board transit chair to facilitate the movement of passengers with reduced mobility.

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